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Spreadsheet Server.

If you have to resort to rekeying or cut/pasting data into Excel - or are frustrated with the restrictions, costs and delays you currently endure getting the Reports and Analysis you need, then keep reading - our solution is a user-oriented tool which capitalises in the Users’ existing Excel skills and preference.

There are more than 3,000 users worldwide of Spreadsheet Server which works against all Server based versions of M3/Movex and is installed on User PCs as an Excel Add-in. Users define their own filters and groupings within Excel itself and our formulae bring back live M3 data whilst the user’s existing skill, preference and experience is leveraged to format, summarise and chart the report.

The Standard option within Spreadsheet Server is preconfigured with the M3 Finance and source data – such that on Day1 an Excel User can create their own Reports and Analyses with built in extensive and customisable drill downs after minimal training. They can then automate the refresh and distribution of these reports which enables major benefits on Period End Close and Reporting.

The Advanced option of Spreadsheet Server includes a component which enables the creation of User Queries - rather like a PC based version of the old IBM Query. Once created, these Queries can be shared and included by other users in their own Excel reports to enable Excel reporting on any live data and include their own drill downs, formatting, charts etc. Under NO circumstances can Spreadsheet Server be used to write data back to the M3 database....

If you are intrigued, we can organise a short WebEx to show Spreadsheet Server in action and informal discussions at your convenience

Version V14
Provider Excelogy Ltd
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