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ISP-Invoice for Infor M3 processes invoices fully and seamlessly integrated in Infor M3.

Features include

    • Offers standard comprehensive and advanced interfaces with Infor M3 including all service packs Infor M3 version 10 and version 13.X.
    • Standard delivery of web interface.
    • Registration of the invoices (APS100).
    • After approval of costs, booking on (costs) ledger accounts for the invoice (APS110).
    • Additional functionality for automatic matching of invoices based on purchase orders, such as matching by additional costs, supplier, general ledger account, etc. (APS100, APS360/B en APS360/H).
    • Automatic booking of price differences, following the bookinglines of M3 (APS900).
    • Possibility to match and book invoice unit (catchweight of alternatieve eenheid) different from order unit (APS100 en APS360).
    • Approval before payment (APS110).
    • Retrieve transactions of the digital invoice, including the audit trail, from Infor M3(APS200, APS215 en APS137).
    • If you change to a new version of Infor M3, ISProjects guarantees provision of new interfaces under a maintenance contract.


    • Multiple copies of invoices no longer required.
    • No longer any lost invoices during the approval process.
    • Due to transparency of the process, there is insight into the status of an invoice at any time.
    • The total cycle time of the process can be considerably shortened.
    • Each process step can be carried out using standard times with an automatic alert when exceeded.
    • You have a digital invoice archive that allows managers and employees to easily look up invoices.
    • The total cost per invoice can be reduced by up to 70%.
Version 1.0
M3 Version 10.x,13.x
Provider ISP Projects
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