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LeanSwift eLink provides seamless integration between Infor M3 and other eCommerce, web or mobile tools, platforms and applications that need to communicate with M3.

All communication with LeanSwift eLink is secure, making use of both SSL and OAuth2 to encrypt and authenticate all traffic. You only need to expose the single eLink endpoint outside of your company’s firewall and you will have full and secure access to your Infor M3.

LeanSwift eLink leverages standard M3 API transactions where possible to ensure efficient and safe communication. It will allow you to make service calls to any API available in your Infor M3 environment. Even MI programs that you have customized yourself will be automatically exposed as services in eLink.

Features include

  • Easy installation and no need for any additional 3rd party products
  • Secures traffic using SSL and Oauth2 for encryption and authentication
  • Call any M3 API that has metadata in MRS001, including custom ones you have built
  • Configure and maintain through LeanSwift Marketplace
  • You can build your own applications using the eLink API to communicate with M3
Version eLink Community
M3 Version 7.x,10.x,13.x
eLink Version eLink Community 7.0.0+
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