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The item app is a simple interface built using Infor's H5 technology stack that will let your users quickly review item data, on-hand balances, history and copy items from one warehouse to another all in one convenient place. It utilises LeanSwift eLink as a backend to create a more powerful interface than a standard H5 app can.

Note. Currently this product is not available as a download through Marketplace - please contact LeanSwift directly as you purchase the Item maintenance application and we will assist you with installing and configuring the product (included in the price). 

Features include

  • All live data from M3
  • Streamlined and intuitive interface
  • Easy to install, plug and play with eLink Enterprise Edition
  • Based on Infor H5 technology
  • Option to enable M3 security for activating/copying items
  • Will work on modern browsers and tablets
  • Searching, sorting and custom filters
  • View item basic data
  • View item on-hand balances
  • View item transaction history
  • View item balance identities
  • Activate/copy items quickly between warehouses
  • View item Internal Transfer Price
  • Language localisation support
Version 4.1.0
M3 Version 10.x,13.x
Provider LeanSwift Inc

This application uses custom API using CMS100MI and MDBREADMI developed by LeanSwift

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