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A single app to manage receipts of Purchase Orders as well as Distribution Orders. A simple tabbed interface allows users that handle both types of receiving to easily switch between receiving these two types of orders.

Features include

  • Manually key in or scan the order#/Delivery# (depending on PO vs. DO) - or pick from a list of orders pending receipt.
  • For PO’s - ability to enter in number of packages, delivery note# & Lot# if applicable.
  • Support for partial or complete receipts.

Upcoming Features

  • Support for Attribute managed items
  • Support for receiving Customer Returns
Version 1.2
M3 Version 10.x,13.x
eLink Version eLink Enterprise 6.0.1+
Provider LeanSwift Inc

This application requires additional MDBREADMI transactions available through the LeanSwift MDBREADMI product

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